I'm a designer, driven by teamwork, user-centred solutions and the love for crafted, meaningful visuals.

I was born and raised in Germany, started my design path in Spain, shaped it in Italy, and currently, developing it in London.

During the past ten years, I was lucky enough to collaborate with diverse clients on a wide range of digital and branding projects across different industries (from Fashion eCommerce to B2B Tech) and cultures.

These experiences did not only help me strengthen my skills, but they also taught me how to balance end user’s needs, client visions, and overall business goals.

Currently, I’m the Digital Design Director at Velocity Partners, leading B2B tech projects across different clients and defining digital processes. Before, I worked as an Art Director for Jack Wolfskin e-commerce at Machinas, taking care of their online store and digital brand identity.



Defining my approach to projects, design, and how I interact with people. 


Collaboration & teamwork.

Better together than alone (yes, this applies to clients as well).

Planning & structure.

Ready and armed for the unknown (there’s always something).

Transparency & communication.

Honest and clear (and no sugar-coating).

Concepts & meaning.

Solid rationales and justified visuals (founded on real data). 

Curiosity & flexibility.

Agile and eager to explore (let’s boring be exciting).

Detail & simplicity.

Minimal with focus on the primary message (the simpler, the more challenging).


These are the areas I’ve been specialising in over the past years.


Art direction

Brand architecture

Brand workshop

Creative concept

Creative strategy

Design system

Visual identity


Design and creative direction

Digital project management

Digital storytelling & content

Information architecture

Interaction design

User experience (UX)

User interface (UI)

User journey & sitemap

User testing & prototyping

Selected clients.

A little selection of clients and partners I had the privilege to collaborate with.

-> Benetton Group

-> Citrix

-> Cloudreach

-> Ericsson

-> Esprit

-> Fabrica

-> Google

-> Hugo Boss EU & US

-> Jack Wolfskin

-> LiveRamp

-> Mambu

-> Netcall

-> PathFactory

-> Prime Minister's Office, UAE

-> Sprint Business

-> Tellart

-> T-mobile

-> Wired Italy

Experience and formation.

Places and organisations that influenced and shaped me as a designer (and as a person).


Velocity Partners

London, UK

Machinas Digital Development

Barcelona, Spain

Fabrica – The Benetton Group Communications Research Center

Treviso, Italy


Gütersloh, Germany


Digital Project Management

SuperHi, online

Presentation Skills

Velocity Partners  |  London, UK

UX Design

Springboard  |  online

Typography Design

Domestika  |  online

Travel Photography

Domestika  |  online

B.A. HONS in Graphic Design

ELISAVA – Barcelona School of Design and Engineering  |  Barcelona, Spain

Let's connect.

If you’d like to know more about my work, create something together or just say hello, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail or check out my very much abandoned travel photography blog, LinkedIn or Behance.

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