The Museum of Future Government Services

Identity, Exhibition Design, Interface Design, UX/UI

Client: The Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates  |  FABRICA with TELLART  |  February 2014  |  Treviso, Italy

Graphic Design in collaboration with Ivor Williams (Art Director), Alice Longo and Akshataa Vishwanath

Brief: Exhibition design for THE MUSEUM OF FUTURE GOVERNMENT SERVICES, opening in Dubai on the 10th of February, an interactive design futures exhibition launched at the UAE Government Summit.

Solution: The Museum explores the future of travel, healthcare, education and urban services. It brings together over 80 designers, technologists and futurists from nearly 20 countries to imagine how these services could be changed in the coming years.
The first of its kind, the Museum goes far beyond written reports or special effects. It highlights real prototypes of prospective services which allows visitors to interact with them, experience, and enjoy future trends in a way never before possible.
The Museum of Future Government Services paints a bold and hopeful vision of what the future could be. It shows how businesses, governments, and citizenry could work together to create a world-class experience of government services.

For the exhibition identity a generative logo was created. It follows a system of a 5x5 grid of dots, which are connected by straight, diagonal and curved lines.

Icon design


The Museum highlights five interactive exhibits that help visitors connect with and better understand the transformative potential of these trends for government services.

In this exhibit, visitors walk through the border control of the future, having their data scanned as they walk through a specially designed corridor of light and sound.

With with new technologies, metal detectors, immigration queues, passports and visas will become a thing of the past, allowing for a more welcoming, warm and humane experience.

This exhibit shows how data mining, personal genomics and machine learning can be integrated into our daily lives. Instead of having to go to the doctor, healthcare and wellness would be integrated right into your daily meals and activity.

Visitors stand in front of a simulated bathroom mirror that provides data and information about their lives, health and interests.

This exhibit highlights how social gaming, experiential learning and simulation will help students explore their interests, refine their skills and develop their own path in life.

A large interactive sandbox to visualize how weather is made, how water flows, and nature works. By moving sand with their hands they can experience how, for example, mountains and rivers are created.

Students design plants using virtual genetic engineering, pitting their synthetic plants against each other in ecology-inspired virtual landscapes.

The smart city of the future will have integrated sensors, advanced services, and intelligent citizens.

This exhibit takes visitors up a simulated lift (elevator) to the 110th floor of the world’s new tallest building; the Burj Al Emirat. As they step out, visitors are greeted with floor-to-ceiling view looking out at the future of Dubai as a smart city.


Augmented reality overlays highlight various smart city improvements, focusing as much on the social and environmental innovation as much as the technological. Information in real-time will pop up in the respective areas to illustrate what is going on in the city.

This information is about traffic, social and business interaction, weather conditions, energy, cultural and educational programs and news, etc.

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