Soma Bay

Editorial design, photography

Self initiated project  |  December 2015  |  Barcelona, Spain

Brief: Designing a photobook that reflects a 1-week vacation in Egypt.

Solution: The photobook wants to caption the daily routine of these vacations, rather than the everyday events. That’s why the book is structured as one entire day, starting with sunrise and finishing with sunset. Both visually and content wise the sun is the element that guides the reader through the pages. The sun’s course determines the graphical compositions.

Schematical drawing of light incidence, light reflection and shadow.

Adaptation of the drawing to the book.

Animation of the course of sun/time and how reflection and shadow adjust to it.

Example of how those changing elements determine the final graphical composition of each page.

Introduction, explaining the importance of the sun and its relation to the book.

The book begins with an image of the sunrise.

Close-up of the time.

Detail shot of a text that introduces a new chapter.

Detail shot of a foot note.

Typography detail.

The book ends with an image of the sunset.

Front cover.

Back cover with an egyptian adage: If you turn your face to the sun, the shadows will fall behind you.

Book spine.

Images of the process: selection of the images.

Images of the process: distribution of images and content of the pages.

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