Branding, web design, signage

Proposal for LILLE – DESIGN FOR CHANGE  |  FABRICA  |  March 2014  |  Treviso, Italy

Proposal in collaboration with Caitlin Morris, Fiona O’Leary, Matthew Rosier and Alejandro Sajgalik

Brief: Creating a branding, web design and signage for a mixed-use building share system in order to revitalize the abandoned city center of Tourcoing, France. This system is part of a proposal for the LILLE / DESIGN FOR CHANGE competition 2014.

Solution: Oui-Lieux makes use of empty buildings in Tourcoing, creating a network for joining together young entrepreneurs and businesses. Applicants are matched together into a full building, converting it into a vibrant mix of private and public space. The identity for Oui-Lieux is designed as a fresh and playful interpretation of the traditional floor plan, made modular to adapt and be used on different buildings and in different contexts.


Concept: The primary logo is meant to be visually clear and includes an opening as invitation for new participants.

Color: The yellow tones evoke positivity and a sense of warmth and welcoming; the blue a sense of structure and confidence.

Type: The typeface follows the simple and crisp traces of the icons, easy to understand and recognizable.

Icons: Icons indicate the category of use for each space, making the interdisciplinary network easily understood by visitors and 
appealing for potential tenants. It is based on the floor plan and expresses visually that one category is inside one space.

Process of the icons

Use of icons as illustrations

Signage and Facade System: A constructed modular facade overlay identifies the buildings in the network and bring the public character of the building to street level, engaging pedestrians. The overall brand acts as public advertisement of possible uses of the spaces.

Web: Visitors to the website are introduced to the system and can follow a simple flow diagram of how the network functions. The website is a playful mix between colors, illustrations and clean design, in order to make it appealing and serious at the same time.

City map with available spaces

Example of the space distribution in a building

Web wireframes

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